Posted by: kathandroger | August 11, 2010

Boars and Bent men.

Raining cats and dogs today, just right for our weekly bike ride with the local club. After almost turning back, we continued to the rendezvous, and whilst Kath was dreaming I saw a family of wild boar just a few yards away in the maize. They didn’t stop to be admired, but scrambled in the opposite direction, but there were at least two babies  and one adult. I was delighted to see my first living sanglier; the only other one was very dead having been shot nearby a couple of years ago. That was a great big beast, being guarded by a very proud hunter. It was a bit too big to go in his pocket, and he was waiting for a chum to bring a winch and trailer!

The French are very keen on cycling, but not keen on inclement weather. It was no surprise that we found only one other rider waiting in Dange St Romain, but, although we hadn’t met before, he was charming and took us on a fairly brisk tour for a couple of hours in what turned out to be not too bad weather at all. Daniel, I thought, looked older than me, but as he is still working, is probably several years younger. He is typical of many of our new cycling friends, in that many of them look slightly hunched. It took me some time to appreciate that it is all due to so many hours spent in the saddle. The next time you see a slightly bent over French man [or woman] imagine a bike, and turn them through 90 degrees and you can see why!

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