Posted by: kathandroger | August 9, 2010

Spiderman spotted in Creuse Valley

…but on closer inspection it is just Roger putting the finishing touches to the battens on the roof of his kiosque! He headed off there this morning, having had a few days switch from woodwork to masonry, and despite being one of the hottest days for some time kept at it until he’d finished. Apparently tomorrow he’s going to tile it….

Maybe by the week-end we shall be sipping a cool bottle of rose up there, watching the sun go down! Ah la vie est belle!

Speaking of belle, our tomatoes are not looking half bad after all. Those who follow our blog will know of our blight problems and a couple of weeks ago when we ripped out about two-thirds of our plants we would have settled for a handful of toms. As it turns out, we still have quite a few – and they are beauties…

Up until yesterday they also had leaves, but our garden consultants (2 old boys both called Lucien, with a cigarette end attached to their lower lips who wander round probably to see what strange things les anglais are up to) said it was best to remove any leaf that looked slightly yellow/black or dried up – which meant pretty much all of them. Only problem now is that the toms are so heavy that without the leaves as support they keep flopping to the ground. Oh well, can’t have it all!!


  1. Hi Rog and Kath,Your sprocketts are looking good,very impressed!

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