Posted by: kathandroger | August 5, 2010

Singing in the street

Another Wednesday and another performance at the local troglodyte caves. We have both got into the routine of Mme La Baronne and the french peasant…4 down and 2 to go! Last week there was a bit of added excitement as we had a communal meal at the new excellent local restaurant before our performance (in full costume). Just as we thought we were about to eat, the song sheets were handed around … we knew something was a foot! Suddenly a guitar appeared and everyone gathered around in the middle of the road outside the restaurant. This is not the first time this sort of thing has happened to us here, so we thought we were taking it in or stride – until we saw the photos….

Here we are in our costumes looking a bit lost with the words! The song was all about wolves (apparently) and was written by a local songwriter, Rene de Buxeuil. Other than that we are not quite sure why we were singing it – especially as we paraded through the street after the meal singing the song. Here’s the rest of the gang, looking decidedly more at ease!

See Ethnicite’s excellent blog for more photos..

Away from the stage, the garden is still taking plenty of our time. After the recent bad tomato news, it looks like we may have saved some…hurray! Otherwise it is the real time of abundance all round the garden. In particular, our beans have been tremendous this year. Every 2 or 3 days we are picking a basket full for our dinner and for the freezer. When I talk to the locals and mention beans they always ask if I have been putting them in ‘bocal’ or bottles/jars. I usually nod sagely, not to make out that we english have no idea about bottling things! The french would be incredulous if they knew that we Brits don’t typically have shelves full of jars and bottles of fruit and veg alongside the jams and pickles…. However, after 35 bag of frozen beans I thought it was time for a change and did a bit of research into how to make those lovely soggy french beans we always get as an accompaniment to wholesome winter meals. I know that bottling can be a bit dodgy if not done correctly, so was somewhat cautious. Nor do I have a steriliser. Anyway, my research threw up the following excellent link which showed step by step what to do…

So, we are now the proud owners of 6 large jars of beans – here are 3 of them!

We’re already looking forward to enjoying them with a nice confit de canard or a cassoulet. What’s more, I no longer need to pretend that I bottle beans!


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