Posted by: kathandroger | July 31, 2010

Broody chickens and Roger’s sprockets

Not content with a pregnant dog (touch wood) it seems we may soon have chicks. Juliet, our brown chicken, decided to go broody on thursday and would not be moved from the one unfertile egg she was sitting on. It seems fairly pointless to sit on an empty nest for 3 weeks, so we went in search of fertile eggs. It’s not too tricky around here as many people have chickens roaming around in their gardens and the ones with cockerels are not that difficult to spot. The place we chose turned out to be fabulous with an amazing potager (put our’s to shame) and various poultry and rabbits. We got not so much as a smile from Juliet on our return with 6 eggs that may make her period of inactivity rather more productive. On verra, as they say in these parts….

Meanwhile, the weather has been absolutely fabulous. We are in one of those spells of settled, warm, but not too hot weather. It makes everything so pleasurable – eating breakfast outside, working in the garden, barbecuing in the evening and not needing a jumper and, as we did today, cycling. We had a beautiful ride around the lanes, along the Creuse, up to a pretty village called Chaumussey, then to Grand-Pressigny and a visit to some friends. The wheat harvest has almost been completed and the gold of the remaining straw contrasts well with the green of the maize and the yellow of the sunflowers. Let’s hope it continues like this right through the summer, just as last year.

Harvest in the next field

Today was one of the few days recently that Roger hasn’t disappeared up to the field to build his kiosque. I asked him a couple of days ago what he was up to now and he replied ‘sprockets’. I thought he was being rude, so decided to go and investigate for myself. As the picture below shows, sprockets are things that go on the roof before the tiles…apparently!

The other thing that has been taking our attention over recent days is the European Athletics Champs. The great thing about living in another country is that you can cheer on 2 nations and have double the enjoyment. And as Britain and France are both having cracking championships there have been very few events in which we haven’t been able to celebrate a medal!

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