Posted by: kathandroger | July 29, 2010

Smashing pumkins

Our tomato disappointment is still very much with us. Since we realised the problem on Sunday we have pulled out a few more plants and I suspect we will end up pulling out the rest. Oh well, let’s get things in perspective. Back in April (I think) I wrote about a fantastic château we visited, called Chateau du Rivau. The owners have spent the past 17 years renovating it and done a quite magnificent job. Last week we learned that it had been struck by lightening and in the ensuing fire much of the château was damaged/destroyed. Here is a photo taken by friends Claude and Gilles…

That really is a tragedy.

Back to the potager – we spend quite a bit of time there at the moment – the squash are (almost) making up for the tomatoes. The only thing is that I planted 3 types and 4 have come up (one I planted was butternut and we don’t seem to have any of those!). Here are our smashing pumpkins, in all their glory –

and here are our first carrots for good measure…

Finally, news on Boudie. No confirmation yet, but she is definitely showing all the signs of that she is going to be an expectant mum. Watch this space….


  1. je suis très triste pour les propriétaires du château avec lequel nous avons convenu d’une visite en septembre
    c’est toujours très difficile a vivre, et surtout très couteux

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