Posted by: kathandroger | July 25, 2010

Tomato tragedy

Last year one of the best memories of the summer was returning from the potager with a basket full of enormous, red, sweet tomatoes and then enjoying a simple, yet fantastic tomato salad. Not surprisingly we were looking forward to doing the same again. We have already faced the frost situation we wrote about back in May, but were sure that now summer was here it would be plain sailing. Then this….

We spotted it this afternoon and quickly identified it as the dreaded blight. We also noted that several of the plants had stems with dark patches, like this….

There was nothing else to do other than rip out the affected plants (about a third), spray the rest and hope!

To take our minds of our tomato tragedy, we enjoyed another 100% home produced meal this evening – the last of our guinea fowl, beans, courgettes, potatoes, roast onions and garlic. Delicieux!


  1. Dear Percy, I have Tumbling Toms tomatoes which have loadsa loadsa more flowers than toms. Do I prick out the additional flowers or hope for a bumper harvest before the first frosts ? ( Aug 24 in Cornwall ). Sincerely Doris Rowbotham.

    • Dear Doris,
      Firstly I apologise for the delay in replying, but our blight tragedy is still just too raw to begin to think about other people’s tomatoes. If you have loadsa and loadsa a flowers – think yourself lucky.

  2. il faut faire du purin de prêle, tu en trouvera plein sur le chemin des caves
    1. 1 kg de feuilles fraîches (ou 150 g de plante sèche)
    2. Laissez fermenter dans 10L d’eau de pluie pendant 2 semaines environ (la préparation est prête lorsqu’il n’y a plus de bulles à la surface du liquide)
    3. Filtrez et versez dans un bidon
    4. Utilisez en pulvérisation en diluant le produit 10 fois.

    • Merci Geraldine. C’est peut-etre un peu tard cette fois, mais tres interessant de savoir pour l’avenir…

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