Posted by: kathandroger | July 22, 2010

Sunflowers in bloom!

We are surrounded by fields of sunflowers, maize and wheat. At this time of year the wheat is being harvested, the maize is growing ever taller and the sunflowers are blooming, brightening up the countryside. This year we are fortunate that the field next door is a sunflower field (each year they rotate) and it is looking at its stunning best at the moment…

Sunflowers are called tournesols in french, which means that they turn towards the sun. At first we assumed that they would follow the sun as it moved from east to west during the day, but in reality they all seem to face east, ie where the sun rises. Whatever, they are stunning especially when you see field after field, even if they are a bit short-lived.

Longer lasting, and equally as pretty, are the hydrangeas that are reaching their best outside our house. Expertly pruned by my mum and dad on their visit back in April, they are definitely the best we have had yet…

Away from flowers, yesterday evening was the second of our acting extravaganzas down at the local caves. I was Mme La Barone yesterday (luckily no photos!) and was probably well cast in the part, telling people what to do… This week we were playing to a capacity crowd (in fact people were turned away!), which meant we had to do each scene 3 times. Roger was once again word-perfect (he tells me) in his role as a french peasant. All in all it has been a week of entertainment as our dance group gave a line dancing demonstration at the local brocante on sunday afternoon. Who’d have thought we’d be acting and dancing 14 months ago when left the UK!!

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