Posted by: kathandroger | July 20, 2010

More from the potager

Summer is really in full swing here now – we have a big storm, followed by a couple of days of fresher (25 degrees) weather, then gradually up to the mid 30s, then another storm. This pattern suits us well as it means we have a few days of not having to water the garden! It also means that the potager is coming along very nicely….

As mentioned in a previous post, we are a bit overrun by courgettes – and now also by beans (french beans and a variety called Big Baldora, which have reddy coloured skins). We are picking every couple of days for the freezer at the moment…can’t believe how quickly they grow! What a joy it is to wander round and fill up the basket for dinner. We’ve just started eating our beetroot which is so sweet and the tomatoes and squash are growing fast, but not quite ready…

The other thing that has been in abundant supply of late, and which we have been enjoying, is blette. The dictionary translation is beet, but it clearly isn’t; it looks and tastes like Swiss chard, though is slightly different from the variety we used to grow in Dorset. Here it is in all it’s glory…

Roger took the last of the onions out this week and the leeks, sprouts, caulis and cabbages are in ready for the winter…seems a long way off, but no doubt will be upon us before we know what’s happening!


  1. Your garden looks great. My basil and mint is out of hand.

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