Posted by: kathandroger | July 17, 2010

Bastille Day and all that….

The french don’t call it Bastille Day – that’s just for the Anglo speaking world. Here it’s plain and simple le 14 juillet or la fete nationale. It actually starts on the 13th (evening) with the fireman’s ball – of which there were several held in our local villages. After weeks of great weather, the heavens opened bigtime on the morning of the 14th when all the parades are taking place across France. As our cycle ride was cancelled we decided to watch the parade in Paris on the tele. We hadn’t appreciated quite how many different military schools there are across France, nor the size of the French military, which is comfortably the largest in Europe. It was a great shame that they all got absolutely soaked, but it was still an impressive show – and then Queen Carla was interviewed in a fetching little black number, once again stealing the limelight from her husband!

For our part, we went over to the lovely little town of Le Grand Pressigny for our evening fun. Luckily it had stopped raining as the tables were all outside in the square. A fine spread of mussels, duck and chips was enjoyed by all, followed by a parade through the streets led by the firemen and their band, fireworks and a bal populaire in the square. Aha – all those dance lessons finally paid off – we can do a Madison or a Marche with the best of them….. Only prob with all these festivities, fireworks and storms (3 in 5 days) is that Boudie is permanently terrified and has spent a good part of the past week under our bed! Hardly ideal for a possible mother to be…

Meanwhile, Roger has been getting on with his kiosque in the field. Cheap foreign labour is again on hand, this time in the shape of James, who has been abandoned by his parents for a few days (we think they are coming back for him??). First stage was to master the quad bike (apparently an essential bit of kit in the whole process, so Roger tells me). Anyway, now he’s found 2nd gear James appears to have got the hang of it ….

So up at the top of the field things are seemingly progressing well. The rails around the sides have been fixed today here are the chaps in action… 

At least all the hammering and sawing doesn’t seem to have disturbed the sheep – there they are doing a spot of formation eating…


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