Posted by: kathandroger | July 12, 2010

Treading the Boards.

It was the first performance of our play last Wednesday evening. The weather was warm, the audience hushed and expectant, and the performers quietly confident, when not rushing to the loo! The performance at Ethni Cite is designed to give an insight into the role the caves have played in different times, varying from the time of Richard Lionheart to the more modern hemp weavers. Kath had a non-speaking part this week, cracking walnuts around the table of Chez Augusta, but all the same looking most attractive in her little bonnet and period costume.

 It was my turn to face the task of convincing a wholly French audience that I was a country labourer trying to steal some food for my starving family, one of a gang who  had come from the other side of the Creuse to raid the castle of King Richard. In the then France, taxes were high and the peasants were forced to try and attack the “English” in Dicky’s land, which was much more prosperous. Our scene depicts a failed attempt to force an entry to the fortifications through the caves.

All went well, with me playing very much the support role to my leading man, who changed actor in the two performances. I barely understand what I am saying, but it seemed to happen in the right places, and there was lots of shouting and laughter, again in the right places! Altogether an enjoyable evening followed by a few songs and the inevitable food and drink, and only another twenty or so repeats to go!


  1. vous avez été super tous les deux! ce soir la jeune baronne viendra donner ses ordres !

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