Posted by: kathandroger | July 9, 2010

Dogs in love!

We naively thought that breeding from Boudie would be simple – a case of waiting until she came into season, finding a suitable male and letting them loose together…now we know better!!

We sent her off last week ‘on holiday’ to a breeders just south of Cognac. We were kept up to date with progress – then the news on Wednesday that she was ‘ready’ but unfortunately Perdican was not up for it! I did have my doubts about him all along as he seemed a little old and quite content to spend his days quietly with his sister, Ginger (despite Roger’s opinion that women always like the older man…). So, what to do? We were just about to go out to do our play at the local caves and we needed to find a male who would be available in the next couple of days. The breeder remembered a dog she had bred, who was a fine specimen, but the owners had him very much as a pet rather than a stud dog. We remembered one we had seen at a vineyard where we stopped to buy cognac. In the event both were available, but we chose the more local dog the breeder suggested and a rendez-vous was arranged for 17.00 yesterday.

We arrived at the alloted hour to a most beautiful house with fabulous gardens and a small lake. Boudie sniffed out the terrain…and then there he was…and he was indeed the dog of her dreams. Here is the happy couple –

Michel and Laurence, the owners, were also novices at this game. After a brief discussion we decided they should just go for it – and go for it they certainly did! The only problem was that, despite his evident enthusiasm, Callou’s technique was somewhat lacking. After a couple of hours of approaches from all sides, except the right one, we decided to embark upon dinner and wait and watch. Dinner was wonderful in the beautiful setting of Michel and Laurence’s courtyard – but the first time I have ever had two sex-craved Airdale Terriers panting and jumping on top of one another as entertainment!! Here is Callou making one of his sideways advances…

After 5 hours they were completely exhausted, to say nothing of their owners! Boudie had seemingly done all she could – even showing him how to mount and what to do – and she had patiently stood while he fumbled around. Poor Michel looked downhearted and kept expressing the shame he felt that his dog was so apparently inept. It was time to call it a day and head home. The clock was ticking, so we fixed up another date for this lunchtime and I agreed to investigate insemination at the local vets. So, off we went again today for another go, with the back up of an appointment at the vets this afternoon. Quite soon it became clear that Callou had not revised his technique overnight, so we decided to call it a day and meet up in Poitiers at the vets at 15.00. 

Not sure if it was the atmosphere in the waiting room, or the fact he had got a bit overexcited earlier, but Callou was more interested in a little Westie than in our Airdale beauty. Oh dear, we thought. But we needn’t have worried. He might be awkward in his relationships with the ladies, but he appears to be stud material when it comes to insemination. Boudie did everything that was asked of her (including standing on her front legs with he hind legs in the air for 5 minutes!!), but the vet was clear that if she didn’t get pregnant it was her problem, as his sperm was of extremely high quality…. let’s hope…. At least Michel left the clinic with his head held high knowing that his Callou was top dog after all!!

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