Posted by: kathandroger | July 5, 2010

Cherries, glorious cherries

I had no idea, but apparently there are more than 1000 varieties of cherries. We actually have no idea which ours are, but we have 5 trees and they are all delicious! There is a succession to the ripening of the trees – the above are from tree number 4…probably the juiciest and biggest. The cherry season got off to a difficult start as we had some cooler weather and rain and the cherries were rotting on the trees. Since the hot weather has arrived things have improved and we have enjoyed another wonderful cherry harvest. Out of our 5 trees 4 are sweet and 1 is sour – the french call the sour ones guine. These are smaller than the sweet ones and a slightly different colour – they don’t go black – and they are not as pleasant to eat. Last year we wasted most of them, but our friends told us that they actually make better jam than the big juicy ones. Apparently it is also the done thing to leave the stones in (I was all for this as Clare and I picked 5 kgs!). The stone gives the jam a slight almond flavour, which I can now say is quite delicious. I tried to skim off the stones before jarring the jam, but gave up!

Whilst I was slaving away in the kitchen, here is Roger taking things easy…..

To other matters – we had our final rehearsal for our play tonight. Roger dressed up in his full kit from the middle ages…photos to come! The first of 6 evenings is Wednesday and I think we are just about ready. News from Cognac – Boudie is not quite ready. Apparently she is going to be ‘presented’ to her suitor, Perdican, on Wednesday, so it looks like we won’t be picking her up until the weekend. A weekend away in Cognac, perhaps?…



  1. les plus “sour” sont des guignes
    délicieuses pour faire les cerises à l’eau de vie que l’on dégustent à la fin du repas
    Elles font aussi de belles gelées ou confitures…

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