Posted by: kathandroger | July 4, 2010

Boudie’s mate

It’s been a busy few days here, beginning with a trip down to Cognac on Wednesday. After much searching, we found a mate for Boudie, our Airdale, but some 2.5 hours away in Cognac. Finally she came into season, so off we went with much trepidation, wondering what this ‘Perdican’ chap would be like. Here is Boudie reflecting on the situation….

The Cognac area turned out to be very pretty, with hectare upon hectare of vines and no shortage of little châteaux where one can taste cognac and the local speciality Pineau de Charente. It would have been rude not to, so we did a bit of tasting and purchasing en route. The breeders Anne and Roger have had Airdales for over 30 years and are great authorities, so we felt honoured that Boudie was with them. Not sure if Boudie saw it quite the same. She was ‘rooming’ with a little Irish terrier, who was going to show here the ropes, but her sad eyes said it all as we drove off…. We are still awaiting news of how things have progressed and if Perdican was up to the job!

We have been taking advantage of her absence to have a very sociable weekend. Yesterday we went to our first french wedding – a fabulous party, not surprisingly centred around a long and most enjoyable meal. We have also had the pleasure of 3 delightful American ladies staying with us as part of the wedding party, as well as the bride, bride’s mother, photographer and entourage on saturday afternoon as the bride chose our house to get ready. Seemingly a good time has been had by all – especially us! The only drawback was that, like all things in France, it went on quite late last night and we were due at the cycling club picnic at 7.45 this morning. Thus, we rolled up feeling a little jaded – but 90 km through lovely countryside (and cracking weather) soon sorted us out! The club had chosen a very pretty spot in a little village called Chaumussay, by the river Claise. All the tables and chairs were set out and we were just tucking into les aperos when a van pulled up. It was the caterer who had brought our starters, meat, cheese and dessert to this quiet little spot in the middle of nowhere! Only in France…..

Meanwhile, Roger has snatched a few moments to continue work on his kiosque in the field. It now has a floor and rails around the edge. It is also – apparently – raised off the ground to double as a sheep shelter (not sure how we are going to avoid standing in all the sheep poo??). Next stage (I think) is to start on the roof. To be continued….

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