Posted by: kathandroger | June 28, 2010

Fungi and the French.

As usual we went for our Monday morning walk with the villagers today. The weather was warm but overcast, and very pleasant for a little three hour stroll. After entering our local woods,  whilst walking in single file, there was a sudden shriek from a couple of the girls and immediate dashing into the thick undergrowth. They emerged with smiling faces and handfuls of fungi. The mood was infectious, and soon we were all rummaging around the oak leaves looking for ceps. After several episodes of frantic searching we had an impressive bag of all manner of strange looking mushrooms and took it in turns to carry our prize back to the cars. Apparently he who carries the mushrooms eats the mushrooms! Back at base the booty was shared out and we had a lovely lunch of cep fried in garlic and herbs. I would not normally dream of eating any of these strange foreign objects, but we have complete faith in our companions, and as yet there is no alimentary repercussion.

It was to me the essence of the difference between the French and ourselves. There was so much unbridled joy in finding free and tasty wild food, and such enthusiasm to put it on the table.

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