Posted by: kathandroger | June 27, 2010

Rotten football (again!)

Oh dear. How disappointing. We’d told all our french friends that England were coming good and it would be a great match against Germany. Looks like we may have some explaining to do. I didn’t think Germany looked that great, but England made them look good. Our defence wouldn’t have looked out of place in a Sunday afternoon park game. How can players earn so much, play and train so often and be incapable of doing basic things on the pitch?? With France and England both out now, at least we can concentrate on enjoying the football. Come on Argentina, Brasil, Spain…show us the beautiful game!

Back in the real world, the weather has finally settled into summer mode. It’s been over 30 degrees for the past few days, so the crops are at last growing like topsy (as well as the weeds of course). We had our first entirely home-grown dinner this evening – potatoes, peas, broad beans, spinach and the last of our chickens out of the freezer, cooked with our own garlic, onions and herbs. Fabulous! It is actually a bit too hot; yesterday was our dancing club AGM and picnic at the local camp site by the river Creuse (Clare described it more as a banquet than a picnic!). When we finished the music started up and there was a bit of dancing – but short-lived due to the temperature. Even the petanque was hard work under the baking sun! Actually there was almost a catastrophe at the picnic – somehow there had been a misunderstanding and there was no aperitif. After quite a bit of muttering a couple of chaps disappeared. It just wouldn’t be the done thing to make do with the dozen or so starters, the exquisitely cooked beef tongue in sauce (hot), various cheeses and 7 or 8 desserts!! Luckily disaster was averted and the chaps returned, much to everyone’s relief with several jugs of something delicious to drink and accompany the various nibbles!

Good news on the cherry front – the good weather has prevented the crop rotting on the trees. They are gradually turning dark and beautifully juicy. Might have to make some more jam tomorrow!

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