Posted by: kathandroger | June 25, 2010

Le potager

With summer now firmly established the potager is really starting to take shape. The garlic has been harvested, as have some of the onions; the over-wintered broad beans are now finished and have been taken out (leaving the roots behind of course!) and the leek, cabbage, brussels and cauli patches have been readied for planting up at the weekend. Here is the garden this morning…

The courgettes and squash in particular seem to be appreciating the sun and warmth. I suspect we are about the be deluged by courgettes, having planted too many, and here are some of their wonderful flowers…


The best bit about the garden, though, is picking or digging up the produce – and eating it! Here is a proud Roger with the garlic harvest…

To more mundane matters, the football inquisition continues here. The players are back and are starting to talk to the press about what on earth led to the debacle in South Africa. I suspect the best bits are still to come however. Meanwhile, we shall try to persuade everyone at the dancing club picnic tomorrow to become England supporters for the clash with Germany on Sunday. Since they have already got the losing habit with France it seems the obvious choice!!

Roger’s daughter Clare is staying with us this week. Roger suggested she came along to our dance class last night (it was line dancing), knowing that it wasn’t really her thing. She had the last laugh however as she picked up every dance straight away and Roger was summoned to the front of the class for special tuition from the instructor! Here are the two of them dashing off into the french countryside in Roger’s open-top…



  1. quel beau potager, bravo

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