Posted by: kathandroger | June 22, 2010

Garlic and footy

At last we are starting to get some decent weather – summer is underway…finally. So it is time to harvest our garlic and onions and free up the ground for the winter crops of leeks, Brussel sprouts, caulis and cabbage. The garlic in particular looks great – nice and plump and very tasty….

And the potatoes are coming along great (Tom P, this is what a potato plant looks like!!!)…

And now to the footy. 36 years as a Middlesbrough supporter has prepared me for a lifetime of disappointment and very poor football, but our newly adopted team – les Bleus – have really surpassed themselves. The French think the whole episode is an absolute disgrace, and they are in fact correct. It is. They have shown themselves to be overpaid, egotistical and with complete disregard to the children of France for whom they are supposed to be role models – AND rubbish to boot!! Now they are out, having lost to South Africa today. It was Domenech’s last game in charge and he looked throughly fed up, and it was probably Thierry Henry’s last game for France. Laurent Blanc certainly has an unenviable job starting again. And tomorrow it’s England’s turn to try and stay in! 

More exciting news today – Boudie has come into season at last. We have fixed her up with a handsome chap down in Cognac, so she will be off on her holidays for a few days next week to try and get pregnant….. Watch this space!

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