Posted by: kathandroger | June 20, 2010

Rotten football, rotten weather, rotting cherries…

Oh, dear…les Bleus are having a nightmare! We hardly dare talk about football to our friends – they hang their heads and talk about ‘la honte’, or the shame. Most don’t think the team should be there anyway, given the way they qualified, but now they are they are disgusted with the way they have behaved. Nicolas Anelka has always been a bit suspect when it comes to giving his all, but he has really surpassed himself here (not that he is there anymore, having been sent home yesterday). The only problem is that we can’t really go on too much about les anglais, who were particularly dismal against Algeria the other night. Unless they buck up their ideas a bit we shall have to find another team to follow by the end of the week!

The weather hasn’t been much better. It was our local village do last night and I got out some winter woolies to keep me warm! The last few days have been decidedly chilly and damp. The melons in the garden are struggling to grow, as are the tomatoes. We are promised better weather this week – let’s hope so – it is summer tomorrow after all!

And the consequence of the lousy weather is that our cherries are rotting on the trees. We have 5 cherry trees (of which 2 are huge) and all are laden. Whereas last year we left them on the trees until mid July to go dark, sweet and juicy, this year they are just about ripening, then going bad. And they need to be eaten virtually as soon as they are picked (not too much of a hardship there – and Boudie is giving a hand!). The jam is made, we have several jars of cherries in cognac for next year and we are experimenting with freezing. I suppose it’s not a bad problem to have…certainly not as bad as being an international football manager that’s for sure! Come on England!

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