Posted by: kathandroger | June 17, 2010

Learning the lingo.

Unlike my educated wife, I could not speak any French when we arrived here. I had listened to lots of Michel Thomas CD’s and they were very helpful, but I don’t think anything prepares you for real French except being here! It has taken me about a year to understand most of the things said on the radio because they all speak so fast and won’t repeat things when I ask. Our friends are better because most of them treat me like a simpleton and talk very clearly. Another factor is my lack of studying and learning new words. But I think I am making some progress, and even our neighbour Francis, who speaks very badly-so Kath tells me-can now have some sort of meaningful conversation, although sometimes we may be talking about different things! Again the French have been very helpful and try me with new and difficult words, partly to give themselves a laugh, but also with a genuine desire to have something more interesting for me to say. It is very easy to talk a load of nonsense, and I am looking foreward to the time when people don’t give me that confused look whenever I say something that I think is interesting! I have been inspired today though having received an email from one of our French dancing friends, in English. It shows that there are difficulties in learning English as well!

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