Posted by: kathandroger | June 15, 2010

Frost-bitten courgettes in fine health!

A month ago we were bemoaning the frost that had unexpectedly arrived and (we thought) killed the beautiful courgette plants we had lovingly grown from seed. Despite being told that they ‘had gone’ and we should pull them out and start again, we decided to leave them in and see what happened. And here they are – a courgette and a potimarron squash plant – absolutely flourishing…

Looks like we will be eating our first courgettes next week…and given that I have got carried away growing them again we will no doubt have a surplus until the autumn. Any interesting courgette recipes gratefully accepted! The lesson we have most definitely learned from our frost experience is to bear with the plants. As well as our courgettes and squash, the tomatoes and the beans that did look well and truly finished are now in fine fettle!

Overall, and after a bit of a slow start, the garden is roaring away. The weather conditions have been perfect for growing – wet and warm. In particular the potatoes look great (and the ‘earlies’ taste great!), the beetroot and the carrots are coming along nicely and the salad bed is way better than last year.

Our first harvest has been completed – the broad beans, or feves as they are known in these parts. We benefited from cheap foreign labour to pick shell and freeze and are looking forward to sampling the delicious sweet beans on those cold winter nights when all other crops have run out!

Meanwhile, Roger has been disappearing up to the top field on his quad bike with various tools and bits of wood. We went up to inspect yesterday and I have to admit that it looked a bit like a few boy scouts have been messing about up there. I’m sure it will develop into something wonderful…watch this space!

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