Posted by: kathandroger | June 8, 2010

Produce from the potager

Last year was such a bumper year in the garden – we were concerned it was beginners’ luck and we would be disappointed with this year’s harvest. Things have certainly been a bit trickier this year with the previously documented frost problems (the tomatoes and the courgettes have recovered!), slugs, rust on the garlic and some sort of radish eating insect. So it was a delight this evening to be back to picking our tea again. The broad beans have been a great success having overwintered them and the perpetual spinach we had brought from the UK has thrived. Also, our new potatoes are ready – and delicious!

On the fruit front, it is very much cherry season here. We went for a walk yesterday with our usual monday morning crowd and our friends Dennis and Oonagh who were over from the UK for a long weekend and happened upon 4 huge cherry trees. Apparently the owners didn’t mind people helping themselves (there were certainly enough!), but I couldn’t help feeling like naughty schoolchildren scrumping! Our own cherries are just about ripe – a few more days. The trees are averagely laden this year – not quite the bumper crop of last year – but still plenty for eating, jam making and bottling in some very strong alcohol!

Unfortunately the weather has entered an unsettled period. At least we don’t have to keep watering the garden – and the grass we sowed is finally growing – but after a taste of hot weather, bbqs and sitting round the pool it is a bit disappointing. Still – it is mid-20s, so we shouldn’t complain…

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