Posted by: kathandroger | June 2, 2010

Another scarecrow, another aperitif

Back in April we made our first epouvantail, or scarecrow, who has been sitting on our wall ever since. It is part of an initiative in St Remy which it was hoped would add a bit of interest for visitors (and a bit of fun for locals). The only problem is that our poor little chap has become a bit lonely, so we decided to give him a little friend….and here she is….

…and how life has changed…..just over a year ago we both had responsible jobs!!

Continuing our integration into local life, we have made another aperitif – this time from acacia flowers. Before we came here we didn’t know what an acacia was, but we have lots on them in our wood. They are very straight and have lots of white flowers in spring which appear to be quite fragrant. Our friend Guy gave us the recipe:

1 large bowl of acacia flowers – 1 litre eau de vie – 5 litres white wine – 500g sugar

Put all in a container; mix once a day and leave for 2-3 weeks. Remove the flowers, filter and add sugar to taste. Leave it to settle for about a month then syphon into bottles. Wait for at least a year to drink! We’ll let you know next year how it was!!

On the potager front things have been moving on a pace. We’ve had our second feed of broad beans, which are delicious. The onions and the garlic (the latter despite having been struck by a dose of rust) appear to be filling out nicely. The weather has been perfect for growing – a bit of rain and now it is warming up. The only problem is that the weeds are growing even more quickly than the crops!!


  1. bienvenue a la belle, pas de doute pour eux deux se sera une longue love story
    merci pour les photos!

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