Posted by: kathandroger | May 28, 2010

Men at work!

As mentioned in previous blog entries, we help out from time to time at Ethnicite, our local troglodyte caves site. It is much more than purely a set of caves as regularly throughout the season there are different events which help to bring local history to life. One such event is planned for the 14th July – the national holiday of course. There is a planned demonstration of how large rocks and stones were moved around for construction before the advent of modern machinery. A few weeks ago, Thomas was explaining this to Roger, but saying how he was finding it very difficult to get hold of the required amount of straight wood. No problem, said Roger, we have plenty! And so a working party was arranged (men pretending to be lumberjacks…not sure if it was work or play!!). Anyway, the upshot was that today the tractor arrived to take it all away. Here are some photos of men at work…ably assisted  by Nounous the sheep…

Watch this space to see how the exhibit develops further!

Changing the subject somewhat, we had our first harvest of the year this evening: broad beans. The perfect accompaniment to Tom’s pork chops in a creamy mushroom sauce and Dorit’s rosti potatoes. More worryingly, on the potager front, our garlic has got a bad dose of rust. We have treated it this evening, but the locals tell us it is a tricky condition to treat and it may be too late already. Pity – the garlic was looking fab!!


  1. et monsieur Mouton pour l’aide morale! ça compte….

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