Posted by: kathandroger | May 23, 2010

Snakes and roses

Boudie has a habit at barking at flies and beetles and we assumed that was what she was doing at lunchtime when she started up on the patio steps. It was only when she started backing off that we suspected something was afoot. There, about 3 feet away from her, and hissing, were 2 huge snakes. At least I thought they were huge – Roger reckoned they were only little ones. As the picture shows, they were about a metre long, which is quite long enough for me thankyou (and I suspect Boudie too!): 

Spot the snake slithering away on the patio


OK, maybe it doesn’t look that impressive in the photo, but it was quite a shock!! I am reliably informed by my husband that is it a couleuvre, or grass snake, and is totally harmless. In our book it says that you shouldn’t surprise them because they don’t like to be surprised…it doesn’t say what they will do if surprised though! Apparently, according to Roger, who has been reading a book on french sayings, ‘avaler une couleuvre’ (literally swallow a snake) means to swallow one’s pride. What a knowledgeable chap he is!! 

The hot weather is well and truly here – 31 degrees in the shade today. It is perfect weather for our roses to come out in full bloom – and they are beautiful. What can’t come across on the blog is that fabulous scent, particularly from the red roses. Here they are in all their glory… 





  1. il y a en effet beaucoup de serpent cette année, ce sont des couleuvres pour la plupart !

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