Posted by: kathandroger | May 17, 2010

Little room and long weekends

There is no doubt that I work harder having retired than I ever did as a GP, but there are some compensations. One of them is the leisurely time spent in the smallest room without any pressure of appointments. I have really looked foreward to varying periods unmolested by schedules and have enjoyed a huge variety of literature, historical, comical and practical. I do have some occasional rebukes about the state of the library in the small room, but everthing is to hand and I can locate a huge variety of short articles according to mood. Heaven!

The French have had another long weekend, for some holiday or other. If the holiday falls in midweek then the days after seem to be taken off as well as a matter of routine. We had the pleasure of attending a French ladyfriend’s 60th birthday party on Saturday, and everyone was very relaxed after their few days off. Needless to say, the starting time was due at 6.30, most people turned up at about 7.3o, and we left at about 3.30am! The whole evening was hugely enjoyable, with lots of dancing, protracted multicourse eating-puds were at 2.30-and various French antics which we have come to know and enjoy. The party was conducted by a trumpet and guitar playing host who also gave out a quiz for the first meal course, others conducted different games which basically involved people making fools of themselves, me included, and there was, as usual, lots of dressing up. We really don’t understand why, but it seems to be part of the culture to dress differently as part of the evening’s entertainment. All of this was a tribute to Chistinane, who really is a lovely lady, and was catered for by her two daughters and friends. She really loved the evening, and the warmth that everyone showed for her was very moving. At one stage she was made to dress up as a very chic (no need really, because she is very chic already!) personality from French TV whose name escapes me but who wears big hats. She was then entertained by a half dozen of the chaps in varying states of dress and undress, and then several of the girls dressed up in their wedding dresses and there was a display of couples getting married. They looked wonderful, but we can’t really understand why there seems to be a fixation with weddings at these do’s-they did a similar thing a the Resto de Coeur party a few months ago. Anyway the dancing then involved waltzing  with Chistinane and the brides, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but as Kath pointed out, I was so involved with keeping in step with the dance that I remained in the same place, revolving like a dervish. She even pointed out the scorch marks on the dance floor! All ended peacefully in the small hours, but on saying our goodbyes we were asked to come back the next lunchtime to help finish off the food. The midday appointment started at about 1.30 and we left after 4-again after games and more dancing. Altogether it was a lovely weekend, and being the only Brits in about a hundred guests we felt very honoured. I must learn to speak the lingo.


  1. Hello Roger and Kath, Hope you are both well. Roger ,there must be a medical term for your problem with the dancing,its probably the same as me ,cronky knee-itis thats my excuse anyway.It could also be an allergy to the local wine another complaint of mine(but I don’t own up to that one).Hope the lambs have settled in now and are leaving your garden alone now,I don’t think they like frozen veg anyway! The weather sounds like it is settling down here now and summer shouldn’t be to far away, hope its the same for you. Anyway best wishes for now Dennis and Oonagh

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