Posted by: kathandroger | May 14, 2010

The icemen came…

Lesson of the day: listen to what the locals say! Last week I wrote about les saints de glace (ice saints) whose days are celebrated on the 11-13th May and who are associated with late frosts. We planted out tomatoes, courgettes and squash ages ago and were greeted by looks of complete horror when our friends here found out. It’s May, we thought. Global warming and all that. This morning Roger went out to check on the sheep before we headed off to Tours and returned stony faced. This is why…

and this…

I suppose we were a bit cocky about the fact we already had tomatoes (green and small) and flowers coming on the courgettes…that’ll teach us!!

On the bright side, our garlic is looking impressive and our broad beans and potatoes fine and dandy. And after a trip to the market on Sunday our courgettes will too! The beans have already been replanted and the tomatoes are in intensive care!


  1. We were devastated when we saw the state of your plants especially as we too had nurtured them !We took numerous photos of them because they were so good.

  2. très drôle cette leçon numéro 1
    il faut s’en souvenir
    les saints de glace sont parfois mortels!
    on les nomme Pancrace, Mamère et Servais…après leur passage…en mai fait ce qu’il te plait!

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