Posted by: kathandroger | May 9, 2010

Water or air?

Our fuel oil boiler packed up a couple of months ago, luckily just as the really cold weather was coming to an end, since which time we have been looking into possible replacements. Intuitively it feels that we should find a more environmentally friendly solution – and a more financially friendly one as le fioul  is becoming ever more costly. We have been looking at air and water source heat pumps, which are commonplace in France even if we have never heard of them in the UK. Our ideal would be a water source heat pump as it is effective whatever the temperature outside. It does, though, depend upon having an adequate source of water beneath the ground (2 in fact – one for taking the water out and one for putting it back). We have a well, but as it runs out of water when we do lots of watering in the summer it is probably not deep enough. So we arranged for a chap to come round to suss out if there were any alternative sources. Here he is wandering around the garden with a couple of twigs…

This business of wandering around with a couple of twigs until they move up and down seems quite commonplace over here. Roger was clearly a disbeliever as he asked the chap if he could have a go…and sure enough his twigs moved up and down in the appropriate places too, so to speak…

Anyway, the upshot is that we appear to have what is needed in terms of water – we just have to wait for the quote!

On another note, we sowed our grass seed a month ago now, since which time we have had no rain…until yesterday..and today..and tomorrow..and indeed most of the week! At least we might start to see some green soon and we don’t have to water it!

The only pity about the rain was that today was the first St Remy vide grenier (literally empty the attic, but basically a car boot sale). Some friends asked us to join them for lunch, which we thought would be a quick affair, as there were just sausage baguettes and chips for sale. We didn’t bank on taking it all back to someone’s garage where a table had been laid and white and red wine laid on. Of course, the cheese platter came out next (including a damn good selle sur cher goats cheese), dessert and coffee – and 4 different digestifs. About twenty to three we decided we’d better make a move!

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