Posted by: kathandroger | May 6, 2010

The icemen cometh…

Over recent weeks we have heard time and again from the locals that it is not wise to plant out flowers and vegetables before the middle of May. Indeed we have been met with complete incredulity when we have told people we planted out our tomatoes and courgettes at the end of April. Last week temperatures here hit 32 degrees and we were bbq’ing  in shorts and t-shirts at 8.30 in the evening. We assumed the locals were just being typically over-cautious…

This week it has been bloomin’ freezing! Not quite sub-zero, but cold nonetheless. So I started to take a bit more notice of this ‘you shouldn’t plant out until after les saints de glace (ice saints)’. Traditionally the 3 saints (Mamert, Pancrace and Servais) are celebrated on the 11th, 12th and 13th of May each year. Gardeners throughout history have always feared these days as they do seem to have a record of being the chilliest of the month – sometimes even with frost. After those dates – certainly around here – the locals are then happy to get on with their gardens with the peace of mind that the cold weather is behind them.

There does seem to be some evidence that these few days can be cold. There are also theories other than it being these three chaps’ fault. One explanation is that at this time of year the orbit of the earth passes through a disc of dust which casts a bit of a shadow over the sun. Another, and probably more likely, is that the lunar cycle after Easter is the last one of the winter weather patterns when cold fronts come down from the north. Once we are past the full moon we should move into summer proper. Let’s hope so! (Despite the cold, the toms and courgettes are all doing well, by the way…).

As I write, the first results of the UK election have just been announced from Sunderland South (fortunately the only thing Sunderland are likely to win for the next 5 years). Looks like a long night ahead – but at least an interesting one (hopefully). We were talking to some French friends at dancing this evening and were telling them that we wouldn’t have the results at 23.00 this evening as they had been led to believe. It is quite difficult to explain why it will take until lunchtime tomorrow to know the final result in this day and age of technology…just further evidence for our gallic colleagues that Britain is a bit backward. God only knows how we will explain to them how the voting system works… Surely it is time for things to change?


  1. Roger cherche de l’eau, il en tombe bien assez en ce moment !
    beau succès pour le vide grenier, c’était très sympa

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