Posted by: kathandroger | May 5, 2010

Sheep in the potager!

Our sheep are gradually getting used to their new abode. Nounous, the hyper-friendly one, still comes running up to us as soon as he sees us, but he has integrated well with the others and has resisted the temptation to hurdle the neighbour’s fence again. Here he is, having spotted me coming…


The other five are a little more cautious, though not as scared of human (and dog) contact as they were a few days ago. Here they are (right to left: Twinkle, Bernard, Blossom, Minty, Malcolm) – actually, am lying, I have no idea which is which…

Not everything has gone smoothly, however, chez les moutons. We returned from Chatellerault yesterday afternoon to be greeted with serious faces from our neighbours. We thought something catastrophic must have happened as they were waiting for us outside our gate. Here they are with their friend Patrice on a different occasion, outside our gate, but with their happy faces on…

But back to yesterday. It became clear very quickly that there had been a problem with the sheep. Francis and Patrice had returned home to discover all 6 of our woolly friends happily chomping away in our vegetable garden. Luckily they leapt into action straight away and shooed them back into the field before they had chance to get their chops around the broad beans we have been lovingly cultivating since November. Close inspection revealed that we had a very lucky escape. A few foot prints, a handful of onions ‘trimmed’ and one broad bean sacrificed. Could have been a lot worse! Roger was very proud of his fence and gate – here it is in the early stages of construction…

He was particularly proud of the gate which closed using the slope and didn’t require a fastener. He didn’t bank on us having the mastermind of the sheep world in the shape of Nounous, who used his nose to prise it open! Who said sheep are stupid?!

Speaking of stupid, here is Roger trying to row a boat in our courtyard…

In fact he had just bought it from our neighbours (see above) who are having something of a clear out at the moment. It will be perfect for fishing trips on the Creuse, now that Roger has a fishing licence. Just hope he doesn’t catch too many pike, all those bones are a pain!


  1. arrête de ramer Roger, tu es arrivé!

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