Posted by: kathandroger | April 28, 2010

Summer comes early!

What a fabulous day. Wall to wall sunshine and 30 degrees this afternoon. So warm in fact that we dusted off the old barbie and dined outside for the first time since October. Shorts and tee shirts at 8.30 in the evening – not bad for 28th April! It was also that time of year to uncover the swimming pool this morning and reinstall the pumps. After minimal cussing from Roger, they were purring away and the water circulating around the system. It is a bit grubby despite having been covered all winter, but thankfully not green, so will be ready for action tomorrow (only prob is that it is freezing so there is no way either of us will be in there for another month!! ).

Wednesdays is cycling day with the Dange St Romain cycling club – couldn’t have been a better day. We headed south, vaguely towards Chatellerault, but quickly turned up into the hills and headed out to St Gervais and then towards Richelieu. The countryside is fabulous at this time of year – the bright green of the new leaves and the fields, the vivid yellow of the rape fields and the blossom of various colours. There are some wonderful old farms, country houses and chateaux hidden down the little lanes we cycle along. Interestingly, the vast majority have either been renovated or are in the process of being so – really not that many properties ‘crying out to be renovated’  left anymore. Roger and I were a bit perplexed today as the others kept talking of cemeteries and which villages had them…all very strange. Eventually it all became clear – cemeteries in France all have taps with drinking water and as it was hot all our bottles were empty after about 2/3 of the ride – so the cemetery at Marmigny-Marmande was a welcome stop. Reckon we will become experts on the cemeteries of the Vienne and Indre et Loire by the time summer’s out!

Speaking of the summer being out, no sooner has it arrived than it is on its way again. Evelyene on the tele says we will be back to 13 degrees by Monday, though luckily accompanied by some rain over the weekend. It is about a month since we had some and since our waterers have gone home we could well do with a shower!!

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