Posted by: kathandroger | April 23, 2010

Scarecrows and feats of engineering

This spring the village of St Remy is being decorated with scarecrows – or epouvantails (things that scare) as they are known here. Not wanting to miss out on the fun we decided that La Belardiere should have its own model. We don’t get a lot of traffic passing our potager, so we decided it needed to have a prominent position. I raided Roger’s cupboard for suitable clothing and the hay loft (for hay, obviously) and set to work:

On completion and before finding his final position he stopped for a chat with my dad…

And once he had had a wooden post stapled to his back, he sat himself on the corner of our wall to scare off passing traffic…

Meanwhile, Roger has been putting his not inconsiderable brain power into how he was going to attach the marquise (little porch for above the front door). It is pretty big and heavy, as well as being quite difficult to reach above the steps. We could tell that his brain was working overtime as he kept staring intently at it, drawing little pictures and attaching things to gutters. Finally we were summoned to help. We being me and my mum and dad, who are still with is courtesy of the volcanic ash and Ryanair. We were instructed to our positions and told when to pull…

The whole process had been extremely well thought through and it was hoisted effortlessly into place and our role was over. There then followed lots of banging and cussing (toned down, luckily, for my mum) as Roger tried in vain to get the thing level. It was at that point that it occurred to him it was the house that wasn’t straight – in fact probably some 10 cm different from top to bottom. Oh well, it has been standing for about 160 years, it should be OK?? From then on in it was (fairly) plain sailing and as I write the ropes are being removed as the mortar has set. A good job jobbed!


  1. superbe épouvantail, il a une bonne tête !
    beau travail
    merci de votre participation active

  2. très sympa l’épouvantail .belle scene quand il est assis dans le jardin en discution avec son amis

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