Posted by: kathandroger | April 20, 2010

What a racket!

At the bottom of our garden there is a pond/small lake which belongs to a couple in Chinon. It is a beautiful, calm and usually extremely quiet spot. The only problem is that the silence is currently being broken by hundreds and hundreds of frogs (the small green variety, not the locals). Our house is a good hundred metres away, but the volume has reached such a level that we can’t have our windows open at night. It reminds me of a time we were in the campervan a couple of years ago. We decided it would be nice to get off the beaten track and spend the night in the tranquility of a forest. It was idyllic – a beautiful pond, complete silence, dinner al fresco and a bottle of red. All was perfect – until it got dark and we realised we were sharing our perfect evening with a thousand frogs. Not much sleep was had that night! Must get a recording and post it on the blog. Unbelievable racket!

Meanwhile, the gardening support, in the shape of my mum and dad, is still here – courtesy of the ash cloud. They were supposed to be heading off tomorrow, but the flight has been cancelled. If all goes to plan they should be leaving on Sunday now. Given it has been 20+ degrees and blue skies and will stay the same for the rest of the week, it is not a bad place to be stuck!

Back to our neighbours lake. Guy and Danni were there on Sunday with their grandson Maxime and we were invited round for a drink. As Guy usually plies us with his homemade aperitifs we decided to introduce them to Pimms. Not sure if they were just being polite, but they appeared to enjoy it. This is the start of our campaign to introduce a few of our customs! No sooner had we arrived than Roger had found one of Guy’s fishing rods and was paddling the rowing boat with Maxime into the middle of the lake. Roger talks a good game on the fishing front, but Maxime (aged 8 and 3 quarters) caught 15 to Roger’s (aged 63 and a little bit) 6. I’ve just splashed out on a fishing license for him…am wondering if it was money well spent?? Whilst this was happening Guy challenged us to a game of petanque. This was my first proper french game of petanque (as opposed to ‘boules’ on the beach). Guy, on the other hand, plays in a team and competes in the Indre et Loire championships.  It certainly showed – as did his competitive spirit. It is very aggressive this petanque…think I might get to like it! There is an open competition in the next village, Leugny, in June. I think we might just practice a bit before then….

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