Posted by: kathandroger | April 14, 2010

Gardening support arrives!

The gardening consultants/extra pairs of hands have arrived in the shape of my mum and dad, so gardening at La Belardiere has moved into overdrive. Here they are sorting out the hydrangeas:

Having spent many hours over the past couple of weeks raking, de-stoning, rotivating, raking etc. etc. our orchard, it was finally ready for sewing the grass seed this week (we could have gone on for several more weeks, but there comes a point…). We borrowed a friend’s seed spreader and then had fun riding around on the quad bike dragging the roller. Fortunately it then actually rained, though no more is forecast for the next week so we may have to revert to watering. Anyway, it is finally done and a job we were definitely not looking forward to has been ticked off the list.

Planting up the potager is a whole different matter however – we love it. Today, the beans have gone in, as well as the carrots, spring onions, radishes and beetroot. Here is the potager in all its glory with Roger working away:

When the weather eventually inproves and we can stop worrying about cold nights, we will be able to get on and plant out all the tomatoes, chillis, courgettes, squash, melons, cucumber etc that are currently living  in our little greenhouse. Today they had a day out, trying to prepare for the move to the garden:

Meanwhile in the orchard, all appears to be going well. Last year we had a bumper crop of all fruit, in particular cherries. Given the amount of blossom we have at the moment, we have high expectations of this year too. We enjoyed riding round the orchard on the lawnmower, picking a handful of cherries on each lap – let’s hope we are not disappointed! 

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