Posted by: kathandroger | April 8, 2010

Gardening and more gardening!

The problem with having 4.5 acres of garden (if indeed there is a problem!), is that once the weather warms up there is an awful lot of gardening to be done. So this week has been a round of digging, spraying, weeding, cutting, strimming and more digging. In between times Roger has managed to finish the 5 enormous planters he has made and put them in place ready for planting (photos to come), gravelled and paved the entrance and side of the house, cut 2 windows into the door and glazed them and played a bit on his quad bike (apparently moving wood around). Our gardening support, in the shape of my mum and dad, arrives on Sunday, so it is important that everything is ready for them to plant up…and it will be! Boudie has taken to digging holes all over at the moment – must be the season – but she never quite digs in the right place to be of help in the garden. Here she is giving us a hand pruning…

The weather has been a bit up and down – 22 degrees on Tuesday and shorts weather, distinctly chilly again this morning. But Evylene on the tele is adamant things are going to pick up for the weekend and next week. About time too!

Yesterday was both a happy and a sad day. Happy, because it was Roger’s birthday – 36 this year – but sad in that we sold our old faithful camper van. Many great times were had in her and she will be sorely missed – but hopefully has gone to a good home. To celebrate both I am taking Roger out to our second Michelin starred restaurant in 3 weeks. Let’s hope it is as good as the last one… watch this space…

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