Posted by: kathandroger | April 3, 2010

Easter drains

Some people have easter eggs, others easter bunnies…we will remember this easter for our drains! When we had our new septic tank installed recently we knew that there was a slight problem in that only the toilets emptied into it (a positive point at least!). We could hear the rest of the waste water running around the house, but couldn’t find where it went (despite Roger listening to all our walls with his stethoscope). We were told we probably had something called a puits perdu – basically a hole in the ground somewhere. But it was ‘perdu’, so we couldn’t find it… Then, on friday, we noticed a horrible small and lots of gungy liquid just outside the gate. This, we worked out, must be the overflow when the puits perdu is blocked. Only problem was that this was now blocked too! Luckily I had dusting to do in the house (!), so was indisposed to help Roger, who manfully dug out the offending gunge. He dug a bit too manfully at one point, putting his shovel right through the pipe. Eventually he sussed out that during the septic tank work the overflow had been ripped out and broken, so at the very least, until we work out where the puits perdu is, it needed repairing. And that is just what he has done today – what a fine husband! Meanwhile there is not a speck of dust in the house…

Aside from the immediate drainage issues, this week has been a bit of a social whirl. Following our Restos lunch on monday, we have had 2 dancing dinners this week and also enjoyed our first sortie with the Dange St Romain club de velo. When I rang the president to enquire about joining, he mentioned that they tend not to go out if the weather is bad (he doesn’t like cleaning his bike). On wednesday, the allotted day, it was pretty windy, but dry. We arrived at the departure point 5 minutes early expecting there to be 10 or 15 cyclists ready to go. Eventually at 5 past 2 a chap appeared on a bike and introduced himself as the president and said there would be no-one else coming due to the adverse weather conditions. Just as well they aren’t Brits, or they would never go out! Anyway, the 3 of us set off on a circuit of about 60 km around the Vienne countryside. The forecast for next week is pretty good, so we hope to meet some more of the club.

This afternoon Roger was summoned to his first rehearsal for the Ethnicite play in the summer. He still really hasn’t got a clue what is going on, but armed with his lines duly turned up at the allotted hour. He doesn’t have much to say, but when you don’t really understand what the others are saying it is all a bit tricky. Here is Roger with his fellow Thespians with ‘groupie’ wife looking on in admiration…

It is turning out to be a bit of a bigger deal than we thought when we offered to take part…but should nonetheless be a lot of fun. And at least we are learning something of the local history of the days when this part of France was actually England.   And if all the other rehearsals are followed by aperitifs, it should be very enjoyable!

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