Posted by: kathandroger | March 29, 2010

A melange

The old trouble went back to the UK a few days ago to flog our old camper van and left me all alone with my other woman-Boudie. The frigo was stuffed with several hundredweight of food and as I love cooking there was no question of starvation. I made a lovely Shepherds pie the first night and then went off to dancing class. It was certainly different being single and suffice to say that I was a bit exhausted and sweaty at the end of it all-and I did some dancing. I hope I impressed when I left early because I had a pie in the oven! Boudie enjoyed her bit of pie, and even ate the cabbage. She eats almost as quickly as Kath, but makes slightly more mess when she drinks her water.

The next day I took advantage of not being supervised and went and bought wood and screws. I am getting close to finishing the huge flower boxes for the courtyard and now they only need another few days work for completion. I am not sure that they are officially approved though, and judgement is being reserved.

I took Boudie for a walk in the afternoon at our local woods. On the way in the car we passed a field with a few sheep and I noticed a couple of dogs chasing them. Having stopped miles from anywhere it was obvious that these two labs were attacking the sheep, and indeed had already slaughered one. What to do? I screamed at the dogs in good old fashioned anglo saxon, but it made little difference, and I could not get into the field due to the high deer fence. I didn’t have a blunt instrument with me to blugdeon the muts with anyway, so I went off in the car to find a nearby farmer to help. It must have been farmer’s away day, because I failed to make anyone hear at several properties. In the end I gave up and took Boods for a walk and cussed dogs for attacking sheep. A couple of days later I visited the farmer and found it was his own dogs which had done the deed, and all four sheep were dead when he came home a few hours later. He seemed quite philosophical about the whole incident, but was grateful that I went to see him. C’est la vie.-incidentally that is a wonderful phrase to use when, like me, you have trouble in knowing what the old frog is going on about. Just say c’est la vie and everybody nods in agreement!

Great meal today. The Resto stint has finished and it was our celebratory lunch at the distribution centre. As we have found in the past there is no hurry about meals and having met just before noon, the meal finished just before five. Kath had to dress up in African gear to serve punch before the meal proper, and really enjoyed having lots of photos taken-one will follow after the censor has sorted them out. Starters, all home made, lasted for about an hour and a half, and then we sat down for the proper meal, punctuated by entertainment from some of our colleagues, which mainly consisted of dressing up in some of the second hand clothes we distribute and reciting poems. An elderly gent sitting opposite us, after recovering from a prolonged bout of coughing his guts up, insisted that I tried his eau de vie-home made of course- and the proper way to drink it, that is with the dregs of your coffee and a sugar lump. Now eau de vie is about 60% proof, and having learnt by experience I only had a few cups and must say it was the best I have had. It will seen strange not spending our Wednesdays handing out tins of sardines, but we are joining the cycling club in Dange, just up the road so our time will still be gainfully occupied.

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