Posted by: kathandroger | March 23, 2010

Peas, haircuts and hirondelles

Over the past week we have noticed everyone asking each other if they have planted their peas yet. It would appear that the entire french nation planted its peas between the 18th and 22nd March! Clearly we didn’t want to be left out, so we duly re-rotivated the pea/bean bed and sown 6 rows this morning. We are keeping out ears open for the call to bean planting!

We also decided today that Boudie was just too hot and it was high time we relieved her of her thick winter coat. Not having been clipped since August, she has become something of a hairy bear of a dog over the winter. This has served her well in freezing temperatures, but now it is fast becoming tropical (19 degrees again today), it had to go. Here she is taking her position on the cutting table:

She was a bit reluctant to get on the table (note the noose around her neck and her tail firmly between her legs) – but she stood there without a bark of complaint for an hour (even when I nicked her ear and drew blood!). Here she is an hour later sporting her new summer look:

Following the cuckoo on Sunday, the swallows (hirondelles) reached St Remy yesterday. Already they are swooping around the pigsties and barns and seeking out their summer homes. They are in luck this year. Boudie’s haircut has meant there is a load of hair floating around the garden that we didn’t manage to collect up…perfect for that luxury nest!


  1. We have not sown a single seed yet – so well done you. Boods looks bootiful! All well here!

    • Weather has become showery and miserable, so hopefully we haven’t gone too soon on the seeds/haircut!! Just been to Dorset for the day to drop of the van to sell it. Sad day! lots of love x

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