Posted by: kathandroger | March 21, 2010

Birthday treats, cuckoos and the jammy French

The weekend got off to a great start. For my birthday treat we went to a fabulous restaurant on Friday evening – L’Auberge du XIIe Siecle at a place called Sache. It is in a beautiful old building in this pretty village next to a lovely chateau. It has a Michelin star and is one of those places where the women get menus without prices – so I have no idea how much it cost! I do know, though, that the food was superb – a real treat. And it was our last night away in our campervan before I take it back to the UK on thursday to be sold. A lovely evening, but sad to see the old girl go.

Yesterday was the eagerly anticipated France/Angleterre match. Given the poor previous displays from the boys in white we were slightly fearful of a hammering. Our friend Landry (who turned up to dancing on thursday in his France shirt) had predicted a 25 point victory.  But no. As it turned out the French were very jammy to sneak a fortunate win. If we had had a ref who didn’t have french leanings we would have certainly won. We know we scored a fabulous try and at least in the second half were the better side. Roll on the world cup (football)…we’ll show them then!

The spring appears to be here to stay. The weather has been warm (first bike outing in shorts today), we planted our strawberries this afternoon… and this evening we heard the cuckoo. Still no signs of blossom, but it all feels as though we are heading in the right direction. Roll on summer!

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