Posted by: kathandroger | March 18, 2010

Whisky cake

It is the done thing around here to take cakes and sparkling wine on your birthday. As yesterday was mine and we were at the Resto du Coeur in the afternoon, Roger decided to take it upon himself to bake a cake – his first ever. He researched in our big baking book and decided to make a whisky cake as it involved the fewest number of stages. He had visions of mixing up a bit of flour, sugar, eggs and whisky in a bowl, popping it in the over… and hey presto, a cake! After about an hour I helpfully popped my head around the door to see how it was going… I sensed a bit of frustration that he was still in the kitchen and not in the workshop. I offered a few tips, that were not gratefully received, so decided to keep out of the way. An hour later, he emerged, muttering something about the length of time it takes to make a cake.

All at the Restos were most impressed that it was Roger that had baked – and even more impressed when the tried it. There is a cake or 2 to eat each week there and I have never seen anything vanish so quickly. It might have taken a while, but it was definitely a triumph!

Being my birthday, I was allowed a day off from raking up stones in the orchard yesterday. No such luck today. Another beautiful day though, so there are certainly worse places we could be. More tomorrow I expect (unless rain stops play…).

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