Posted by: kathandroger | March 16, 2010

Spring really is here!

It doesn’t appear to be a false alarm this time – spring really is here! 17 degrees this afternoon and beautiful sunshine. We still had a bit of frost this morning, but even that is due to end with night-time temperatures of 10 degrees by the week-end. Just as well, though, as our boiler has finally given up the ghost. It has been cracked since our frozen pipe incident last year and has been limping through the winter. It stopped on sunday and when we tried to start it again it started to smoke and smell of burning…we took that as a hint to leave it alone. So we now have the summer to look for an alternative. The favourite at the moment seems to be an air heat pump, but there are many different types, so the research starts now!

Now everything has dried out we have been able to crack on with the orchard which was devastated by the septic tank work. I’ve spent a stimulating day raking stones…lucky it was warm and sunny! We got off to a good start with the quad bike starting straight away (Roger can get his toys out now the weather is better!), until he pulled the pull start so hard that it came off in his hand… Or was it a deliberate ploy to get out of raking and repair the quad bike instead?!

Having got the potager more or less up together yesterday…

we are busy growing things to plant. The tomatoes are looking  in good shape (despite the storm incident a couple of weeks ago), the chillis and bell peppers are coming along well and the courgettes, cucumbers, squash and melons are a couple of inches high. On the flower front, things are struggling – I think because of the lack of heat. Hopefully this improvement in the weather will give them a bit of a boost!

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