Posted by: kathandroger | March 15, 2010

Treading the Boards.

Kath and I have at last entered the world of acting. The production at Ethni Cite seems to be a big deal, and we had our first costume fitting last week. An interesting afternoon! There were ten loud women in Claude’s front room, lots of old rags, a few shredded clothes, one fur coat being dismantled, and me. A gang of women together with a new project is a new and interesting experience for me, and after the initial traditional greetings clothes were being slung in all directions, the level of chat increased, and various members of the group suddenly transformed into strange ancient local peasants. Scissors were everywhere, patterns in paper appeared-the last time I saw that was when my mum made me a pair of rompers, and new garments evolved as if by magic. But the noise! Now my French isn’t very good, and when they all talk at once, and use various hand signals I am completely lost, but seemed to do the right thing in stripping down to my knickers and trying on my peasant gear. All fitted OK, but it seems I need a hat of the period to be complete, and my beret is not appropriate! All settled down to a pleasant hum of conversation after a couple of hours, but as usual with girls, two groups appeared, one discussing fashion and the other discussing cooking. I chose the sitting in a corner option and waitied in vain for exhaustion to set in. We left some time later. Can’t wait for the next fitting!

Changing the subject completely, Spring has arrived today. On our walk this morning I saw several Brimstone butterflies, as well as a peacock and a large white. The local lizards have woken up, and Boudie is as useless as last year in catching them.  The daffodils look good, although small, and there are some primroses and violets as well as the celandines in the woods. No cuckoo or swallows yet, but I am told they may arrive next week. We have celebrated by digging the potager all afternoon, and have planted the early tates and the fruit bushes that Giles gave us a few weeks ago. We aim  to start the remodelling of the Somme in the orchard tomorrow, and have to remove several hunredweight of rocks before we can rake the soil and sow the grass seed. It’s good to be able to relax in retirement!

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