Posted by: kathandroger | February 28, 2010

La tempete

When people kept telling us there was going to be a ‘tempete’ on saturday night/sunday morning we expected it to be a bit windy.  We did briefly talk about taking our newly potted out tomato plants (50 of them) out of our somewhat flimsy greenhouse, but never quite got round to it. When our bedroom windows blew open at 4 in the morning, we started to think it may be a touch more serious than we’d thought. And sure enough, when we woke up there were bits of our former greenhouse around the garden and the plastic cover was nowhere top be seen…

Roger had a cursory search around the neighbours’ gardens, then, having visions of it taking off and flying around the Poitou countryside, he hopped in the car and drove around the lanes in pursuit. Unfortunately he failed to look in the pigsty just over the wall from where it was situated, which is where I found it! Sadly the tomato plants were strewn all over. We have managed to retrieve about half of them – the rest have just disappeared and will not doubt appear growing on the lawn later in the year!

Actually, our loss was somewhat trivial as the storms have been extremely serious, causing around 50 deaths and thousands of flooded homes.

Stupidly I have a bet with a friend that England will beat France in the 6 Nations in 3 weeks time. When Wales came back strongly in the second half against France on Friday I was starting to think there might be hope. However, having seen les rosbifs struggle and then lose against Ireland yesterday I am virtually resigned to coughing up a bottle of whisky (not literally I may add)!

Whilst we may not be quite as good as the froggies at rugby at the moment, we are certainly one step ahead when it comes to timekeeping.  We were at a dinner dance on Saturday night which apparently started at 19.30. We were kindly invited to a friend’s for an aperitif beforehand, arriving around 20.00 at the do. We found our table and sat down with our group. Around 21.30 the aperitifs appeared, followed just before 22.00 by the choucroute. The coffee made it round by about 12.45 am! Actually, it is quite nice to take one’s time, but it is good to be prepared just in case you are hungry!

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