Posted by: kathandroger | February 26, 2010

Skylarks and crocuses.

Le Printemps may nearly be with us. The skylarks are singing and some crocuses have come up in the courtyard lawn. Here is my expert photo taken before the dog trampled them into oblivion. We now have a super new camera which we bought for ourselves as a Christmas pressy-that seems a long time ago now. There was a serious problem with the old one in that whenever Kath took a photo of me some old grey haired geezer appeared, and I hope that by buying a decent machine the problem will be cured!

So many things to do and so little time. We have been out on some sort of recreational activity every day this week, so much for having problems with social integration-we even knew the only other couple in the local pizza restaurant last night. My huge window boxes at present look like what they are-old palettes. I have convinced Kath that I need more wood to make them look good, so I may go and visit a new timber merchant today. Life is good.


  1. le premier est toujours le plus beau, courage le printemps arrive…
    a demain

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