Posted by: kathandroger | February 26, 2010

March showers come early

It would appear that around here April showers happen in March – and this year they’ve come a few days early. The cold, snow and frost appear to have deserted us – the locals seem the think all that is now behind us. We shall see!

I’ve finished the decoration of our house now and virtually all those little jobs we saved for the winter are complete. So we’ve started to put some more focus into the barn conversion project, spending yesterday in a couple of the huge DIY/building shops near Tours pricing up tiles, doors, sanitary ware, kitchens, windows, flooring etc etc… With the pound still stuck in the 1.13/1.14 area it all seems very expensive!

The other ongoing major job is the garden. It is still much too muddy to do anything in the orchard – still a no go area, especially for Boudie. But there are many other things. The wall around the orchard needs quite a bit of repair work, we need replenish our wood stocks by felling a few trees, Roger is making some big planters for the patio outside the front of the house (out of the pallets the patio paving slabs were delivered on) and I’m just about to go and plant some more seeds so we have some pretty flowers to fill them up!

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