Posted by: kathandroger | February 15, 2010

Et voila – le Welsh dresser est arrive!

After several months of disappearing off into his workshop and returning covered in saw dust and smelling of wood filler, Roger emerged today with the finished article. And it was well worth the wait! He has turned a stack of very rough oak planks  (like the one below) into a kitchen table and now a dresser. 

The only slight problem was that it was so heavy that it had to be brought into the house in bits and reassembled in the kitchen. Here is Roger putting the final pieces together – then when things weren’t going quite as planned (there has been quite a lot of that and it is usually accompanied by very colourful language) – and then finally the very proud carpenter:

Only Boudie seems unhappy with our new piece of furniture. It has replaced her sofa and she seems a bit miffed!

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, which seems to be quite a big deal here. Our dance society – Le Plaisir de la Danse – held a lunchtime ball. There were about 200 people in the salle de fete at nearby Buxeil for a lunch of fruits de mer and various other courses. Events kicked off at midday and we ate and danced all afternoon, arriving at coffee at around 18.30 just in time for the last couple of dances. The band was fantastic, fronted by an extremely energetic barefooted accordion player and the society had gone to town doing up the hall. A great time was had by all!

It is also the Winter Olympics at the moment, which is so much better in France than the UK – largely because the French actually do winter sports. We have been very quick to adopt our nation of residence and as I write we are at the top of the medal table after 2 extremely exciting gold medals yesterday. I had no idea the nordic combined could be so entertaining! Allez le Bleus…

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