Posted by: kathandroger | February 9, 2010

Winter returns…

Just as the first signs of spring seemed to be appearing…

…it has started to snow again and it is going to be back down to -4 tonight. Time to light the fires again! Boudie’s OK though, she becoming hairier by the day…

We went to Poitiers this morning for the results of our medicals (both en bonne sante I’m pleased to report). The highlight though was meeting the most miserable Yorkshireman in the waiting area. We realised he was English when the doctor appeared and said something to him in French (we are in France after all) and he stared back blankly, eventually asking ‘paarlay voo onglay’ (Instantly recognised the S Yorks twang as my French teach was from Sheffield). Roger then tried to engage him in conversation as Roger would. We established that he was retired and had lived in France for 8 years (hence his grasp in the local lingo), had left the UK because it had gone to the dogs and had a little farm south of Poitiers. Roger’s ears pricked up at the mention of farm, asking if he had any sheep. No, no animals. So then, just vegetables? No, not worth it. Too much hassle weeding and watering. And you can buy things just as cheaply in season. Having exhausted that line, we enquired as to why the UK had gone to the dogs. It would seem that the UK is subject to too much immigration. The answer? Go and live in an English enclave in a foreign country!

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