Posted by: kathandroger | February 7, 2010

Life in the garden.

I do love messing about in the garden, and we have loads of messing about to do. Bonfires-I Love them. I  have an old oil drum which I use for an incinerator and it works really well. All the messy old boxes from our never ending wine supplies and all the bits of pruning which Kath kindly leaves me went up in smoke a few days ago and left everything looking pristine. Real man’s work which makes me smell really attractive, I can’t understand how she can leave me alone! Our neighbour,  Francis, has latched on to the fact that our other neighbour, who lives in the UK, has lots of dead elms in her garden, and I have given him permission to cut them down for firewood. Her garden now looks a bit like the Gobi desert, and I am making sure that I am not around when she visits at the end of March!-Francis will be nice and warm now though.

The market today was amusing as usual, having met a couple of friends from the dancing class we had a chat over coffee-the French is slowly improving but is still very rudimentary and I have perhaps foolishly agreed to the old trouble and strife giving me some formal lessons. As both her parents were teachers I expect to be given an exercise book and have to stay in after work to do my homework. After the first coffee we had to meet some other friends in another cafe for some more-what a social life we lead.

The latter friends have a gite complex  and he loves trees. I promised to give him some walnut saplings from our field and dug them out a couple of days ago. I hadn’t realised that they have such a deep tap root and cursed my offer after digging down several feet to retrieve the root! It will be good to see how another local gite complex works and I am sure we can be mutually useful to one another.

Back to the garden-Kath does not approve, but the easiest way to help the compost heap rot down is to add an accelerating agent. These can be bought at great expense from the garden centre, but a far easier way is to use urine. This can be obtained easily[ but with difficulty from the dog] and I routinely collect a treatment when caught short in the workshop. A full container is then deposited on the compost heap to do the necessary. I hope our guests next year appreciate the effort that has gone into their home grown veg!

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