Posted by: kathandroger | February 5, 2010

Vine pruning

The weather has warmed up a bit and the sun has come out – so I have laid down my paintbrush and picked up the secateurs. Several people have mentioned recently that it is time to tailler le vignes and I don’t want to make a social faux pas by having unpruned vines – so they’re done. As are the hydrangeas – though our neighbour was adamant that it was trop tot. Oh well.

Yesterday evening we were unable to attend the meeting of Ethnicite, our local troglodyte tourist attraction (due to our dance class), so a special one was organised for us by Claude and Gilles in the village with Geraldine and Aurelie from Ethnicite. Roger and I have said we’ll help out in any capacity and it now transpires that we will be dressing up in period costume and will have a script to learn for the evening events in summer. Roger is going to be one of Richard the Lionheart’s men (they think the English accent will make it more authentic)… What have we let ourselves in for?! The highlight of the meeting was the hospitality. We thought we were popping round for a quick cup of coffee at 2 pm. On arrival the dessert wine came out, followed by a fabulous sweet pumpkin flan and the most amazing display of biscuits/local sweet specialities looking like something you would have for tea at the Ritz – and all homemade. Then the cidre appeared, then the coffee/tea and finally the homemade eau de vie (Mirabelle)… The Ethnicite business was covered fairly rapidly, but much time was required to discuss the merits of different varieties of squash, whether figues freeze well, recipes etc.



  1. nous avons passé une excellente après midi en votre compagnie

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