Posted by: kathandroger | January 29, 2010

un assortiment

I have been a bit slack with the blogging recently-pure laziness, but I am en retraite after all!

Loads of stuff to report. Kath has been exercising feverishly on the static bicycle and managed to get a puncture!-how can that be done? There is no end to the talents of females. The bike is set up in the chaufferie-the back kitchen which I have recently replumbed and am very proud of my soldered joints-only a few drips here and there.

The huge dresser I am making for the kitchen continues to progress, but it has been bleedin freezin in the workshop recently and I have only recently found an old electric heater which makes it bearable. Carpentry in thick gloves has its problems.

The potager is also progressing slowly, but it is a problem to know what to do with all the artichokes. I want Kath to make some more soup but she is a bit reluctant as it makes her fart continuously, and interferes with her training on the bicycle-come to think of it there is an open flame in the chaufferie for the boiler and I guess there could be a catastrophe!!

We had a busy day yesterday attending our medicals in Poitiers. This is a regular French scheme by which all adults have a full medical, pain for by the State, every five years. All very efficient, lots of blood and urine taken and all measurements done, including hearing and eyesight and ECG. We are back there in two weeks for further advice. A typical French touch was to give us a small breakfast as we had to fast for the blood tests.

Dancing was good again last week and we may even have got the French walze sussed-very quick and vertiginous but the trick is to slow down a bit and then circle the other way! The line dances are a bit boring but I can’t stop laughing and lose concentration easily. We have booked for the Valentines Dance which costs lots and starts at midday-it will probably end at midnight.

Wine continues to feature in our daily lives and I most enjoy my single glass at lunchtime. I am still convinced that without labels on the bottles most of us would be lost as to the origin of the region, but even I can now appreciate the difference between a full bodied more southern wine and one of our local reds.

Heating the maison is still fun, with radiators leaking and working erratically, but the wood is no problem apart from the mess I allegedly leave after filling the log baskets. Cutting logs with a sharp chainsaw with the dog chasing non existent rats in the log pile is one of my weekly highlights!

Off to take down all the bits from the bathroom wall now so that Kath can continue her painting.


  1. Very impressed with the blog !Keep up the good work. Looking forward to next episode.M AND D.

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