Posted by: kathandroger | January 25, 2010

To mate or not to mate…

…that is the question we have been grappling with over the past week. Boudie unexpectedly came into season (about 2 months earlier than expected) last week which caught us a bit on the hop. We had just about decided to wait until the next time (probably June at the rate she goes), but bumped into a lady at the market yesterday who has a male Airdale. We had a brief discussion and exchanged phone numbers and she was off to discuss the matter with her vet. Unfortunately Stanley turns out to be a bit of a rough lad (probably not Boudie’s sort anyway) and she was afraid he might attack her in the act (clearly not recommended). So it’s all off again for now – not that Boudie would know!

Work on the house continues to be mainly those little (mostly indoor) jobs we didn’t get round to in the better weather – decorating, plumbing in the sink in the boiler room, repairing toilets, fixing lights etc etc…

The weather has picked up a little – +6 degrees and sunny today, which has meant we have turned our thoughts to the garden. Some friends in the village, Claude and Gilles, kindly furnished us with lots of raspberry canes, currants and herbs to add to the gooseberries and rhubarb bushes we got for Christmas. Roger has been digging out an area to plant them in today, as well as starting to dig over the potager, which is beginning to take shape nicely for the new season. Roger’s planted up a few tomato seeds too, though the locals’ looks were sufficient to suggest he may have gone a bit early on that one. We shall see….

After a month off dancing classes we had a class and a ‘soiree dansante’ in a couple of days. It started to come flooding back – eventually. We do think, though, that we have a bit of a talent for the polka  – or at least Roger was delighted that we were the fastest on the dance floor, lapping nearly all the other couples. I suppose it all comes down to which metrics one uses!  

Finally, all our chickens appear to have come back into lay, including one that is laying the most enormous eggs – and double-yolkers at that – fabulous. Well gone girls!

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